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and Clinical Precision

Our resources emphasize evidence-based practices ensuring you apply the most accurate and scientifically verified methods to your clinical routines for optimal patient care

Live Medical Procedures
and Case Discussions

Watch and learn from live medical procedures and case discussions, providing you with real-time insights and practical exposure to complex medical scenarios.

Accredited Continuous
Medical Education (CME)

Gain access to accredited CME programs that enhance your skills and knowledge, keeping you up-to-date with the latest medical practices and fulfilling your professional requirements


Connect with medical professionals from around the world, share insights, and expand your professional network to foster collaboration and innovation in healthcare.

Global Collaboration and
Networking Opportunities

Stay at the forefront of the medical field with direct access to the latest innovations and cutting-edge research, enabling you to integrate advanced techniques and findings into your practice.

Direct Access to Medical
Innovations and Research

Stay at the forefront of the medical field with direct access to the latest innovations and cutting-edge research, enabling you to integrate advanced techniques and findings into your practice.

Our Mission & Vision
For Linkomed

LinkOMed is at the forefront of the global healthcare network, crafting a digital healthcare platform that revolutionizes how medical professionals connect, collaborate, and evolve. As a leading provider of a website for doctors, LinkOMed empowers medical practitioners to increase their online presence, ensuring they are well positioned to meet the demands of the digital age.
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Our Mission

To empower healthcare professionals via presenting an innovative healthcare platform, permitting them to beautify their abilities, information, and patient care practices.
Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the digital healthcare platform globally, fostering a more fit international via collective excellence.

Where Professionals Connect, Learn, and Innovate in Digital Medicine

LinkOMed uniquely stands out by integrating the power of social media for doctors. This innovative approach not only creates a stronger online community but also positively enhances professional networking and knowledge exchange. LinkOMed empowers doctors to build their professional profile, stay educated, and stay in touch with the latest healthcare trends, making it an indispensable platform in the age of digital medicine.

Unified Platform

Streamline your practice with our all-in-one solution, integrating numerous factors of healthcare professionalism from getting to know each other to collaboration.

Innovative Learning

Upscale your skills via our approved CME programs and revolutionary gaining knowledge of strategies, tailored for the present day healthcare panorama.

Global Network

In a safe and secure setting, interact with peers around the world, exchange ideas, and obtain access to cutting-edge inventions and medical research.

Data Privacy & Ethics

Your trust is paramount. We ensure the highest standards of data privacy and medical ethics, committing a safe and reliable space for all users.

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Testimonials from

LinkOMed has transformed the way I approach continuing medical education. The platform's comprehensive resources and collaborative tools have enabled me to stay ahead in my field, fostering a deeper understanding of patient care practices. It's more than just a learning platform; it's a community where I've connected with peers globally, sharing insights and learning from each other's experiences.
Dr. Emily Roberts
General Practitioner, United Kingdom
Since joining LinkOMed, I've experienced unprecedented professional growth. The platform's unique blend of medical education and networking opportunities has opened doors to collaborations I never thought possible. Participating in live medical procedures and case discussions has not only enhanced my skills but also expanded my global network.
Dr. Carlos Rivera,
Cardiologist, Mexico
LinkOMed has been an invaluable resource for me as a nephrologist. It has bridged this gap by allowing me to connect with nephrologists around the world. I've been able to collaborate on complex cases and gain new insights into the latest treatment options. LinkOMed is a vital platform for healthcare professionals in remote locations to stay connected and provide exceptional care to their patients.
Dr. David Kim
Oncologist, Australia


Insights on Health Information
Exchange from LinkOMed Experts


LinkOMed provides a comprehensive platform tailored for healthcare professionals with several standout features. It offers rigorous verification processes ensuring trust within the community, access to accredited CME programs and innovative learning methods. This also permits worldwide collaboration, secured peer reviews on cases, and direct access to the latest medical innovations and research. Users can demonstrate their competencies and even participate in live medical procedures, all while remaining compliant with prevailing standards of medical ethics and data privacy.

Non-medical professionals can benefit from LinkOMed by accessing expert health guidance and resources to support their wellness journeys. Although they cannot use other features of LinkOMed, they can rely on the platform to provide valuable insights and information to help them maintain and improve their health.

To create and verify an account on LinkOMed, follow these steps:
Visit the LinkOMed website and click on the sign-up button.
Provide your professional credentials and personal information.
Upload all the required documents that validate your information, such as your medical license or registration number, if medical student - ID card.
Non-medical don’t need verification, just email id for signup.

Yes, you can earn CME credits through LinkOMed. The platform offers accredited CME programs that adhere to SCORM-compliant learning management systems. These programs are designed to provide continuous education and skill enhancement. The CME credits earned are tracked within the platform, allowing users to monitor their progress and maintain records of their completed courses for professional development and certification requirements.

Protection of user data and patient information is a priority for LinkOMed. It employs robust standards for privacy and data protection, along with ethical guidelines that are never compromised. It also has ensured secure peer feedback systems and strong content moderation to maintain the integrity and security of the information shared. Users can trust that their data is protected within LinkOMed's closed and well-connected ecosystem.